St. John Paul Mugwanya Complex

Education For Quality Life  

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Our mission is to see to it that the next generation of the nation improves by providing integral quality education for academic excellence and moral values so that each child becomes a responsible and productive citizen.


It was founded by a group of five voluntary educationists and teachers who felt pity of the totally disadvantaged and orphaned children on the streets and slums of Ssaza Masaka district and those whose parents died of HIV/AIDS. The school if founded on Christian faith pillars and enrolls both boys and girls. The school is expected to accommodate 680 pupils when completed. At present the school has a total population of 564 pupils (322 girls and 242 boys) housed in the available two permanent building and three wooden semi-permanent buildings, classes run from primary one to primary seven including the nursery section.



v    To absorb, cater, train and educate children from absolutely poor families, who canít afford school fees.

v    To positively influence the childrenís attitude so that he/she becomes an acceptable member in modern societies.

v    To educate and train helpless OVC children in Masaka, Ssembabule, Rakai, Kalangala, and Lyantonde districts.

v    To provide quality education to the needy children.

v    To educate and provide measures for the improvement of health sanitation and personal hygiene of the needy children and for the community at large.

v    To cater for the basic and nutrition of the children we care for.

v    To research into the problems that affect childrenís learning especially the girl child.

v    To produce a self reliant child that can cope up with the modern changing world.