St. John Paul Mugwanya Complex

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Marjory Ugandacurriculum with Primary Leaving examinations (P.L.E) in Primary Seven.

Core Curriculum Programmes

Pre- Primary to Primary Seven programmes reflect a focus upon the student outcomes through integrated units that consider each of the key learning areas in Ugandan Primary Schools. These units are part of a continuous cycle of review to cater for student needs and school departmental priorities.

 The Key Learning Area.


A Comprehensive literacy programme which is enhanced with extensive resources and focuses on literacy skills of which will help students with the skills for future needs.


A sequential innumeracy program from pre-primary to primary seven is implemented at St. John Paul Mugwanya Complex which aims at developing mathematical competency among the students.

Science /Social Studies.

Effective programmes to provide children with the skills and knowledge required to become intrinsically motivated to discover the world in a safe and productive method. 

Health and Physical Education.

All the children have the opportunity to participate in physical Education programmes to develop specific sporting skills and life long health habits.

The arts.

All class programmes include those artistic pursuits that are expressed and communicated through Dance, Drama, Medis and visual arts.


We take into our account to train our children to become self-reliant and surrounding leaders by providing them with conducive environment to pursue excellence in both academic and manipulating skills in which the rights and needs of children are met and protected.

Basic Discipline in our school is imparted through 3Hs / Domains:


We train the minds of our children by providing formal education.


We are training the hearts of our children and creating a moral bank in hearts of learners.


We train the body of the children we care for by promoting the co-curriculum activities with music Dance and Drama, Sports, Creative Modeling, Weaving, and Agricultural principals etc.