St. John Paul Mugwanya Complex

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Dear Sir / Madam,

Our appeal goes to you or to any company or organization that can help us complete this noble cause for completing the school’s classroom block.

It was a difficult decision of starting a school of which we had no classrooms. We started with a mud and wattle classroom block and a wooden classroom block.

Our children have been getting their education in these buildings and due to the increase in number, we need a permanent classroom block.

We started on the construction work, but more help is needed. The building still needs to be finished by completing the floor, plastering the walls, roofing, and adding windows and doors.

We are asking neighbors to share their ideas on how the school can obtain the money to complete this work.

The estimated total cost is 18,000,000 UGX equivalent to 7826 USD (1 $ = 2300 UGX)



The only available water source for the school and community!