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Dear Good willed (Humanitarian friend)

Any needy child can be assisted / facilitated through St. John Paul Mugwanya Complex Day and Boarding Primary School.

Sincere greetings to you in the name of our Lord from St. John Paul Mugwanya Complex Day and Boarding Primary School here in Masaka Uganda East Africa.

Uganda being a landlocked country makes it a bit difficult for its people to access humanitarian friends like you.

Who are we? “St. John Paul Mugwanya Complex Day and Boarding Primary School” is a local voluntary, licensed and registered community school actively engaged in provision and reservation of needy children through availing them with quality education, health care, clothing, food, safe water and sanitation improvement, child care and nutrition general children welfare operating in the central and western regions of Uganda. 

After a thorough research I carried out about economic and social welfare status of the school going age children within (6-10) in this area, I found out that 88% of the pupils are totally needy and helpless. With that I developed a big idea of forming a charitable organization so as to cater for suffering people in this region then later a school.

It was under that severe pain that I saw people suffering from intolerable hunger, abandoned ones on streets, people neglected in hospitals, others malnourished, ragged and illiterate, forgotten, forsaken like stray dogs, they need a parent / friend / sympathizers that will generously “lend a hand” to them for survival.

Put yourself in shoes of such human being, the God’s creature, hopeless, with no good future in the beak-woods, deep into the rural villages in slum area.


Already sponsor a child? Then you know the joy that comes from helping underprivileged children find love, encouragement and hope for the future. We want to challenge you to take this into your heart: You can have an incredible impact on the lives of many children in need by encouraging others to sponsor a child in need too.


A partner organization, families or private individuals, are also needed to give us a hand because we lack resources to support the children.

Imagine how blessed you will be and how blessed you will feel, if your encouragement leads to the sponsoring of just one child. Don't miss this opportunity. Speak up on behalf of the children whom Jesus loves so much. Help them find their voice in this world. And may God bless you!


Contact us regarding information on sponsoring a child.