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Volunteer opportunities with St. John Paul Mugwanya Complex Primary School.
Join the St. John Paul Mugwanya Complex Primary Schoolteam in serving most vulnerable community members in Masaka District of Uganda. There are many opportunities for your support and sharing of skills. We invite you to come live and work with us in Ssaza, Nyendo, Masaka or help as a volunteer from your home community. Volunteer opportunities are open to all people, regardless of ability. Volunteer opportunities are available to people 18 years old and above. As primary languages in our area of Uganda are English and Luganda, volunteers mush speak English. To join our volunteer team please email us your resume, a list of your skills/interests, and tell us why you want to come live and volunteer in Uganda.

We are especially looking for people to help by teaching, support projects in piggery, construction and repairs, home repairs, youth and child education, animal rearing, water and sanitation (including well construction),construction of a Volunteer centre, vocational skills development, project planning and management or other skills that can help us transform our community. You do not need construction skills to join our team of builders in repairing homes and latrines of most needy community members.

St. John Paul Mugwanya Complex Primary School is an all volunteer run and supported organization. Volunteerism is central to sustaining St. John Paul Mugwanya Complex Primary School as an organization. St. John Paul Mugwanya Complex Primary School has had and continues to maintain relationships with volunteers from around the world.

 Contact us regarding information about volunteer opportunities